1, 2, 3 & 4 May 2003
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Tribute to the Past.

Belgium has a particularly rich automobile past for a country of its size.

Indeed, it was not only and since more than a century, one of the most important countries assemblers of cars so much the excellence of its labour was immediately recognized.
Belgium also saw being born, which is extraordinary for a such small country, many Belgian automobile marks at the beginning of the last century.

Parallel to that, it should be known that the beautiful Province of Liège can be considered, rightly like one of the birthplaces of European automobile sport, even world.

Our club, the
ROYAL MOTOR UNION of LIEGE, is one of the oldest Belgian automobile club and was at the beginning many competitions as well in circuit as in rally.
Indeed, The
ROYAL MOTOR UNION organized for the first time the very famous rally LIEGE-ROME-LIEGE which was regarded a long time as the most beautiful rally of all times so much of its route was specific and difficult but also because it constituted a true performance for the cars and their crew.
This event still exists today and if it is reserved for the pre-war and classic of the beautiful times, it does not remain about it less one of the reference of which we are very proud.

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