1, 2, 3 & 4 May 2003
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The ROYAL MOTOR UNION was also distinguished while being the base from creation from that which the specialists still call today the most beautiful circuit of the world.
Francorchamps is, since always, a sanctuary of the automobile sport, an extraordinary layout ever equalized, a large judge different from all that was alone as regards circuit for a very long time, an implacable ribbon of almost 7 kilometres which gives the opportunity to the pilots undoubtedly to be measured with their competitors, but also to fight against their car, the stopwatch, the layout andcounters them even.

If Francorchamps lost today, for the first time of its history, its Formula 1 Grand Prix, it does not remain about it less an exceptional circuit which must continue to live its heart and soul are always quite present. A circuit which cannot leave anybody indifferent whatever the car but one made there run.

Thanks its past and the sporting and automobile traditions of the area, the
ROYAL MOTOR UNION has organized, for several years now, meetings primarily reserved for the old racing cars, thus joining together each year of superb cars of time which recall to nostalgic or learn with youngest than was the motor race at the time of the amateurs, at the time of those who regarded this sport as a passion, at the time of the Gentlemen Drivers replaced today by professional pilots with the status of invincible.

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